Q: Will Brick shield hold my creation together if I drop it off a building?

A: Sorry, but no. Brick shield increases the strength between bricks by 50%, but is not perfect.


Q: Will it really wash off?

A: Yes it will! Hot soapy water will dissolve Brick Shield and allows you to start all over again.

Q: Really?

A: Yes! We promise it will wash off and not "Kragelize" your creations. You control the life of your creations.


Q: How many projects will a can cover?

A: One can of Brick Shield will cover 3-4 medium size projects.


Q: Shipping seems slow compared to other online stores. Why is that?

A: Because Brick Shield is an aerosol, it has to sent via ground shipping. We are a couple dads trying to help kids and aren't Amazon (yet).


Also, we can only able to sell and ship in the United States.